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Advanced analytics for sports.


Sportlytix: the highest-quality decision-making in Sports

  • The use of advanced analytics in sports is changing the games by providing insights that improve athletic performance and affect coaching / management decisions.

  • However, more data doesn’t automatically lead to better decisions. Often, it leads to the opposite result.

  • Sportlytix software takes the immense amount of available data, with its attendant complexities, and distills it to an essential set of information.

  • Sportlytix software then presents the essential information to users within a decision framework.

  • This way, Sportlytix makes it possible for people to use advanced analytics to make the highest-quality decisions.

Our technology

Our multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted approach is powerful and flexible enough to attack the most complex problems.
  • Developed, tested and refined since 2009.

  • Our predictive analytics technology is built on a foundation of operations research and decision theory.

  • Sportlytix takes full advantage of advances in large-scale computing, with data science and machine learning components.

  • Controls engineering techniques provide the basis for feedback loops within the system.

  • Elements of portfolio theory are used to dictate distributions and concentrations of elements within a set.


Our team

Knowledge. Understanding. Experience.
Mike Musuris

Co-founder / CEO

Ted Forsman

Co-Founder / CTO


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